Steering Committee

The DiaLOG Steering Committee supports the efficiency and success of work conducted by the DiaLOG groups:  Learning AnalyticsLearning Platform, and Learning Tools


  • Keith Brown, Senior Director for Academic Technology, Office of Information Technology
  • Emily Ronning, Director of Enhanced Learning, College of Liberal Arts


Included in the Steering Committee members are key stakeholders and the chairs of the DiaLOG groups: Course Content, Learning Analytics, Learning Platform, and Learning Tools chairs.

Key Stakeholders

  • Jamey Hansen, Chief Information Officer, College of Liberal Arts
  • Stacey Tidball, Director, Continuity and Compliance, Academic Support Resources

Learning Analytics Group

  • Lauren Marsh, Co-Chair, Learning Analytics Group and Academic Technologist, Office of Information Technology 
  • Emily Ronning, Co-Chair, Director of Enhanced Learning, College of Liberal Arts

Learning Platform Group

  • Kara Hanson, Co-Chair, Manager of Academic Technology, University of Minnesota - Duluth
  • Jeff Weber, Co-Chair, Learning Platform Group and Service Owner, Academic Technology Tools, Office of Information Technology

Learning Tools Group

  • Keith Brown, Co-Chair, Learning Tools Group, Senior Director, Academic Technology, Office of Information Technology
  • Matt Sherwood, Co-Chair, Learning Tools Group and IT Director, College of Continuing and Professional Studies


Read the Steering Committee Charge.